Is sperm healthy for you

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THIS inexpensive drink can help you lose weight quickly! The lining of the mouth is quite delicate, even more than that of the vagina, and it is much more susceptible to infections from bacteria and viruses. If an individual finds it necessary to alter the taste of their semen, a quick fix is using a sweet flavored lubricant to try to mask the taste of the semen. That's right, consuming semen really does have some serious health benefits that goes far beyond a protein shake. Some other ingredients that semen does include are water, fructose sugarprostglandin, vitamin C, zinc, protein, lactic acid, magnesium, calcium chlorine, citric acid, creatine, potassium, vitamin B12, sodium, nitrogen, and phosphorus. Therefore, exposure to semen may just be correlated to these health benefits but not be a causal factor.

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Choosing to swallow, spit out, or refrain from touching semen are all personal preferences that should be respected.

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Is it healthy to eat sperm or just gross?

In a small experiment done by BBC, a researcher asked three different couples to participate in a semen taste test. Marvin Velazquez, 42, has spent three stints in the U. We serve personalized stories based on the selected city. The author, Paul Fotie Photenhauer, has reportedly said that just like fine wine and cheeses, the taste of semen is complex and dynamic. It also has a wonderful texture and amazing cooking properties.

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is sperm healthy for you
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is sperm healthy for you
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