Confessions of an anal sex addict

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Considering that you already have a child with this man, your past with him, and your age the best path to a healthy life is to live for your child. Yeah, but it's clear that you dislike porn and the women in it- classy is a subjective term. The child was a complete surprise. I love him, but refuse to marry him until I feel comfortable doing so. Best five years of my life. It is rather doubtful he is going to change. I'm sorry if I'm rambling, or this doesn't make much since, it's getting late, but I just felt the need to reply to you

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It is a violation of trust and I don't like that I feel drawn to spy on him.

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Confessions of an anal addict

My issue is this: I was actually employed and semi-self-sufficient when my husband and I split up, and even then, it was very difficult to get on my feet and I wouldn't want any other women to experience the same difficulties. It's her right to feel this way. It's good to fight temptation, but now you must become a person who is not tempted. Tell him that you do love him and want to be with him, but that you cannot tolerate his sexual preferences or him "looking around". Unless you give him a reason to choose. Yes, he got better over the years, but he never became stable and nurturing towards me or the kids.

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confessions of an anal sex addict
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confessions of an anal sex addict
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3 thoughts on “Confessions of an anal sex addict

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