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Throughout German history, thermal springs have been used amongst all classes of the population for medicinal purposes. But the Russians, they are too macho and crank their saunas up to over C all the time. Maybe next time you will let go a bit more. Welcome to The Department of Wandering, where we help design-savvy trailblazers take bold new paths. Wednesday 26 December Maybe I will end up giving it another go before I leave Berlin for good.

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Sounded like blessed relief but the resulting blast of scalding steam almost finished me off amid dry Finnish chuckles.

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Helsinki's saunas: full steam ahead

They are notoriously creative in building saunas in the unlikeliest places, and when the Finnish army is deployed, they are said to erect their sauna tent before the kitchen or sleeping quarters. There were no separate male and female change rooms. She did not mention it — later she said it was trivial. Why spoil two wonderful things by combining them? I would like to explain some points from the Austria point of view which in this respect is probably very close to the German one. I too went to a spa in Germany; it had about 10 saunas, 8 steam rooms, 2 ice-cold plunge pools, 2 large relaxation rooms filled with about 50 reclining chairs, 2 outdoor areas it was winter and certainly chilly with nothing on, but mostr refreshing after each sauna and more besides. How to Spend 3 Perfect Days in Charleston.

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