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Well, one thing is for sure though, she will have her loving mother Kyla to guide her through no matter what kind of obstacles comes her way. View the discussion thread. Kyla Pratt Baby We are glad to see you in our service, here you can find the best offers suggestion on the keyword s "Kyla Pratt Baby" using this suggestions of different languages of the world and the most popular services such as Bing, Yahoo, AOl, Yandex and others. Why are you explaining it's your life to hell with what people think!!!!! The only club in LA that you can get in with a fake ID before Her daughter is very adorable and I am glad she has her child. Baby Father is Not Disclosed Though.

On that note, this new GQ interview from Daniel Craig caught my eye last night.

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Hey mommy, to hell wit anyone trippin. Lyric is the eldest daughter of Kyla. The year-old took to her tumblr account yesterday to dispel rumors about purposely hiding her pregnancy because of shame, and the rumors that her baby's father was a Cali stripper who recently became a tattoo artist in order to keep her name clean. Where did that even come from? Well, worry not folks, her account is probably run by her parents. And has been doing these things for years. Check it inside, plus a pic of Baby Lyric

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