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Online tumult over breastfeeding photo challenges stigmas, highlights hurdles. You are doing great. Ohio man pays bill for 17 Canadian vets. Many very young male babies have some breast tissue due to hormones from their mothers, but this usually goes away within a few weeks. I never had a supply problem in that I was never concerned that my baby wasn't getting enough directly from the breast, but I went back to work at 12 weeks and I was not a good producer for the pump and had to add extra pumping sessions even on weekends to try to keep up. What I didn't expect was for breastfeeding to be a full time job in addition to my first full time job of raising a child, and my other part-time job that pays the bills.

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Overweight men can have 'man boobs', but these are due to fat deposits, not to growth of breast tissue.

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Inseparable donkey and emu lovebirds need forever home. It's currently been 0 Days since I last cried. Breastfeeding is hard work! It is always temporary, and the boy's breasts will flatten again. I'm simultaneously relieved to be done with the pump and sad thinking that our journey is almost over. After a very successful pumping session at 3 a. Just being able to share my story has been incredibly helpful!

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