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I was hired as a model, and that's what I did. If your going to try to close these places that have some class then your stupid at least start with the strip clubs Posted by S on You can be sexually harassed anywhere including a small diner where waitresses wear baggy polos and black pants. The food is priced the same as any other restaurant such as Chili's or Applebees. Hooters "You know what demographic we're missing? Besides shouldn't the women decide if the pay is worth the trouble? They try to trick people into eating their high priced garbage.

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I have many female regulars too and they most certainly are not there to stare at the girls.

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A Disturbing Peek Under the ‘Tilted Kilt’

You could, however, argue that there should be legal limits on what kind of uniforms an employer can require their employees to wear. Please do give more information This, according to Chet, allows management to review an applicant's assets, and it also gives management a baseline to go back to, should they notice one of the waitresses is putting on a little weight or irresponsibly reflecting the natural passage of time in her face or thereabouts. As far as "acceptable", that's an subjective and cultural issue. It seems like none of this should be possible in -- how can they make requirements involving things like weight and hair care?

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  1. Touche. I did not mean it that the world revolves around me. If I don't like a video there are millions of other ones I can watch that fit my preferences. I like the chemistry between the two of them. And to be honest if this situation were to happen to me i would continue without hesitation even if I do find one repugnant. Merry Christmas. Take care out there.