Extended orgasm technique

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He lives in the beautiful Melbourne, Australia. Okay, then let's begin. This should set off another series of contractions as you carry on stimulating the inner walls of the vagina. When the vagina pushes out in a continual wave-like motion, you're in the final phase. The vaginal walls secrete beads of lubrication that start to get bigger and flow together.

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Most women believe that an orgasm is a momentary experience — you rise, you peak, you fall.

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Your 15-Minute Orgasm

Ride the wave of pleasure and stay on the wave in order to stay in the orgasm. Shifts technique or goes into overdrive, and woman asks him to slow down. This technique requires 15 minutes of per cent concentration on approximately three square millimetres of contact. You dictate the pressure. Apply some lubricant to the whole of her vagina and perineum and then lightly stroke and tease her for at least five minutes — without stimulating the clitoris or the inside of the vagina.

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extended orgasm technique
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extended orgasm technique
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